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The Hybrid Presentation is well and truly on its way. In a period of uncertainty which has lasted for coming on two years, one thing … Read More

Hybrid Presentation Diagram

The Hybrid Presentation is well and truly on its way.

In a period of uncertainty which has lasted for coming on two years, one thing has never been clearer. We’re not going back to a life where almost all office-based employees physically come into the workplace five days a week.

Surveys of companies show it, studies of worker attitudes show it, and evidence on the ground continues to demonstrate it.

We may not know exactly what the future looks like, but a hybrid system where someone is at home for some of the week and in the office for the other part is a near certainty.

What does this mean for meetings and presentations?

That being the case, it follows that meetings and presentations will have a hybrid future too.

There are many variations of hybrid presentations.

But you should be getting ready for a world where a presentation routinely means one group of people in the room in front of you, and another tuning in digitally.

With each day that passes, more and more people are contacting us here at Speak With Impact about getting them ready for hybrid presentations.

Surely a hybrid presentation is just like a Zoom presentation?

The biggest mistake anyone could make is assuming that, because you’ve done half-decent virtual presentations – or indeed half-decent physical ones – that hybrid presentations will be easy.

In fact, they’re twice as difficult to nail.

You have two distinct audiences – one in the room and one on the screen – and they both need to be engaged equally.

If you put too much focus on one, you risk alienating the other.

Spend all your time concentrating on those who’ve tuned in via Zoom, and they’ll soon notice that there’s a lack of atmosphere and energy in the room.

In contrast, if you focus all your resources on those immediately before you, the digital crowd will start switching off in huge numbers.

And remember, it’s much easier to get up and leave from behind a laptop than it is to stand up in the room, leave your seat and head for the door.

You’ve got to get it right

If you don’t prepare properly, rehearse extensively, and consider how to cater for two very distinct audiences, you may not get participants to return either in person or digitally.

But get it right and you could be increasing your reach, maximising your audience and impressing the most important people inside and outside of the room.

So don’t waste time – get started now so that you are truly ready for your hybrid presentation. We produced a handy SketchNote to help you take that first step – just click on the link https://www.speakwithimpact.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/HighImpactHybrid.pdf


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