Virtual Presentations

Deliver Engaging online Virtual Presentations With Our Specialised Training.

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Virtual Presentations

Present like a pro online

Virtual presentations have become the new norm. Until now, you’ve not had to give many big presentations online. But there’s no dodging it anymore.

You need to make the switch to presenting online. And you need to be great at it!

Presenting online is a whole new challenge. The technique and skills that made you a good presenter in person don’t translate to the online world. You feel your voice is flat. The message fails to land. And your audience are failing to engage.

You need to impress your virtual audience if you hope to succeed!

But, how can you adapt your virtual presentation for online delivery? How do you engage an audience through the webcam? And how do you ensure your message is landing and impacting them?

So many nuances that can make or break your online presentation!

With our 1-to-1 coaching or group training, you develop the skills needed to present like a pro online.

Improve your virtual presentation game.

Adjust to

Make your material and slides land in an online environment with our winning strategies.

Keep Their

Hook your online audience and keep their attention throughout your presentation.

Maximise Your Performance

Discover winning online delivery tips to improve your performance.

Business Impact

Online presentations are here to stay. Training your team to deliver engaging and effective virtual presentations will make you stand out and put you ahead of the competition.

Plus, your team will be able to provide lead-generating content in the form of webinars that convert.

Virtual Presentations

Our Approach to Virtual Presentations

To accelerate your growth as an online presenter, we give you and your team 1-to-1 coaching or group work.

Our approach can be divided into four stages:

Pre-Course Survey
We gauge your current skill level and develop training to meet your needs.

Theory & Discussion
Learn the best practices and strategies for delivering presentations online.

Group Exercises
Apply what you learn and get instant feedback to improve your skills.

Isolate then Integrate®
Our trademarked approach isolates specific skills then integrates them to teach you how to present better.

What’s included 

The precise areas we cover will vary slightly depending on your current level. In many cases though, we will work on the following:

  • Maximising your online eye contact and voice impact
  • Analysing your online audience to pitch it right
  • Building audience engagement from the start
  • Re-engaging your audience with interaction techniques
  • Converting a regular presentation into a successful online presentation
  • Improving your performance with our simple online delivery tips
  • Adapting your material and slides for a virtual environment

It works

  • Gavin’s webinar has become extremely useful for me to improve on my public speaking skills.  It is packed with practical advice accumulated from years of public speaking, and this has been divided into bite sized clips so that a quick refresh of a particular piece of advice is but a click away.

    Tony Wang
    Vice President, Nomura

  • Personally, I am really delighted to have undertaken this course. I have gained such a great insight on how to make the necessary modifications to improve my Webinar/ Zoom presentation skills, which I have successfully implemented. I really appreciated the interactive Zoom session which allowed me to ask Gavin questions pertaining to a forthcoming presentation. The course is most  definitely a worthwhile investment.

    Dawn Morgan
    Registered Associate Nutritionist/ Teacher

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