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Tackle every presentation with certainty

As you progress in your career, you’ll be called upon to give important presentations. Client pitches. Boardroom meetings. Even conference keynote events.

The problem is no one equips you to prepare and deliver winning presentations. You’re left to figure out the keys to success all on your own. And hope you have the confidence to pull it off.

Until now.

We have distilled over 20 years of high-level speaking experience into practical lessons that work for everyone. Our scientific approach focusses on each and every attribute you need to be a successful presenter.

Isolate Then Integrate®

This is our special sauce. Our unique system combines battle-tested lessons from every possible area of presenting. We take a scientific approach to embed these vital lessons into your skill set.

We will focus on all the attributes you need to master to be a successful presenter. We isolate each attribute in turn and sharpen your skills in that area with a careful selection of cutting-edge exercises. In the final step, we integrate those skills together to transform your presenting capabilities.

Together, we’ll make sure you’re in a position to deliver your best presentation yet, and every single time after that.

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Isolate Then Integrate

Empower Your Employees

Building confidence will empower your team to present their best work every time, making your business more effective.

Creating confident presenters at all levels in your organisation also sets you up for continued growth.

Build Winning Presentations

Gain the skills you need to own every presentation. Have a look at this video clip. Our training sessions prepared our client to give her first presentation on the global stage with smashing success. We can do the same for you.

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It works

  • “Speak with Impact’s signature course – led by the inspirational Gavin Brown – is a very well-structured and tailored course that I would recommend to any professional. As well as giving some solid takeaways on the preparation for, and delivery of, presentations, the tips have continued to stand me in good stead with useful refreshers in the eight years that have followed. Like training muscles, it has shown the importance of remaining ‘match fit’ when it comes to presenting.”

    Martyn Hindley
    Head of Content Production, FIFA

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