Presentation Preparation

Prepare a Winning Presentation With Our 1-to-1 Specific Presentation Preparation Programme.

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Presentation Preparation

Nail your upcoming presentation

You have an important presentation coming up and you need it to be successful. A major client pitch. A keynote speech. A challenging media interview. There is no room for failure with this one.

You need this presentation to go well.

Everything rides on this presentation. If you nail it, you’ll be the hero of your company. Landing a new client. Impressing the board. Positioning the company in a good light.

And if you fail? That thought has been hanging over you for days and weighing down your efforts.

How can you structure your presentation for success? How do you practice your delivery so it’s on point? And how do you get ready for presentation day without feeling overwhelmed?

With our 1-to-1 presentation preparation, you get the guidance and advice you need to nail your most important presentation.

Walk into your presentation with the tools you need and the certainty to succeed.

Proven Methods

We apply proven presentation preparation structures and methods to help you achieve success in your vital presentation.

Tailored for you

The intense, personalized nature means everything is tailored for your specific presentation.

Your Success Team

You don’t have to prepare alone. We’ll work with you to ensure your presentation’s success.

Business Impact

A well prepared and delivered presentation can mean success for your business. Landing a major client, improving your reputation, and positioning you as experts in your industry.

Don’t leave your most important presentations to chance. The right structure and delivery will set you up for success.

Presentation Preparation

Our Presentation Preparation Approach

To prepare you for your upcoming presentation, we provide creation and rehearsal assistance.

Our approach can be divided into two stages:

Step 1 – The Upstream Work: we work through the objectives of the presentation to help shape the structure, content, messaging, and materials you need to include.

Step 2 – The Downstream Work: we get your performance in shape and provide feedback on your rehearsals to ensure you’re ready for presentation day.

The sooner we get involved, the better. Although, we have shaped a number of great presentations with very short notice.

It works

  • I would like to give a big shout out to Gavin Brown from Speak With Impact.
    Gavin has coached me to produce and deliver a fresh and exciting presentation. I am so thrilled with the results and would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to enhance on their own presentations.

    Jo Williams
    The WOW! Awards

  • Gavin helped me immensely with his unique insights and transformational tips in delivering speeches and presentations.

    Specifically, his coaching and expertise on delivering webinars was invaluable. In my role as a Pharmaceutical Consultant, it is imperative that I speak with impact and clarity. Gavin helped me to transform my presentation skills and deliver more compelling  and higher impact presentations. I would highly recommend Gavin and his company speak with impact as experts in helping you deliver high quality and impactful presentations.

    Kia Balali-Mood, PhD
    Principal Global Pharmaceutical Consultant

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