High Impact Hybrid Presentations

Hybrid Presentations are going to play a significant role in business life in the future.

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Hybrid Presentations

Hybrid Presentations are going to play a significant role in business life in the future.

Flexible working, improved technology, time pressure, reduced travel budgets and a focus on net-zero are factors that will combine to make hybrid presentations inevitable.

A hybrid presentation has many risks and is more difficult to get right. Do this badly and your business will face negative feedback. A mediocre hybrid speaker will do more harm than good.

Are you and your team ready yet?

Because, if you get it right, there is enormous potential. You can really stand out, capture wider audiences and create amazing shared experiences.

Let us show you how to do this.

During his time as an MSP, Gavin Brown gave hybrid presentations several times every week for a decade. When you speak in the Parliamentary Chamber you have an active audience in the Chamber, a passive audience above the Chamber and a far greater number watching on television. When you do a radio debate show you have the politicians in the studio with a live audience and then a far bigger audience listening to the broadcast.

From our time in hybrid speaking and hybrid training we have developed a range of cutting-edge techniques and tips that can help you boost your skills as quickly as possible.

Our Approach to Hybrid Presentations

Understanding the different types of Hybrid Presentation

Be aware of the various types and the vastly different strategies needed for each type.

Analysing the optimal approach using the Hybrid Matrix

After doing so many hybrid presentations in a decade as a politician we developed a matrix that allows you to analyse your situation and prepare accordingly.

The key parts of a Hybrid Presentation you must get right

If you fail to get these areas right, your prospects drop dramatically. Most people get them wrong, so this is an easy way to stand out.

Adaptations to ensure your materials land

A hybrid presentation calls for specific types of material – learn how to do this effectively and efficiently.

Vital adjustments to eye contact, body language and voice

You want everyone in the audience to be impressed by your delivery as well as your message. This section makes sure that all audience sections are moved by your delivery.

How to re-engage a Hybrid Audience so you keep them from beginning to end

This needs to be planned carefully and implemented with precision – learn how to do it with style and skill.

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Become a winning hybrid presenter.

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