Impact Plus Course

Become an Outstanding Presenter

Develop the skills that will have you shining in the boardroom and on stage.

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Impact Plus Course

Give World-Class Presentations

You’ve been called upon to speak at a conference or in the boardroom. You’ve done it before and your position requires you to do it again.

Yet, every time you present, you don’t feel like the most dynamic speaker in the room.

Someone always outshines you.

You’ve used a decent presentation structure and spent adequate time preparing. And it’s not like you are afraid. The whole reason you were asked to speak is because you give good presentations.

But now you’re in the big league and your current skill level isn’t enough. You’re trying hard, following all the best practices, and yet you can’t seem to really WOW the audience.

Maybe I’m just not cut out to present on a larger scale”, you whisper to yourself as you exit, watching the audience beam over some other presenter.

Overall, you know your presentation skills are good, just not good enough for the big stage or the boardroom. How deflating! If they were, you and your company would far outshine the competition.

Instead, imagine you finish a presentation and the audience is WOW’d.

They hung on every word you said. They were convinced by your message. And were still talking about your presentation days later.

Imagine being asked to speak at major conferences and in the boardroom because you are THE best presenter.

You know how to get your message across in a dynamic and engaging way. You have poise and energy on stage and can hold the attention of everyone in the boardroom. You rise to every question and challenge thrown at you. This could be the reality if you follow the Impact Plus course.

Spanning over two days, the Impact Plus Course gives you the skills and insight you need to take your presentations to the next level. During the course, you’ll get practical exercises, direct feedback, speaking theory, group work, tips, and techniques to improve your speaking skills, and WOW your audience.


Discover a bulletproof method to prepare a dynamic presentation each and every time.


Be THE standout speaker and captivate your audience throughout your presentation.


Show up with the energy and confidence your delivery needs to WOW your audience.

Be the star

Headlining at industry conventions will inspire your team and position your business as the company to follow.

Having a core group of outstanding presenters in your organisation will give you a market leading image in your industry and beyond.

Impact Plus Course

Our Approach

The Impact Plus Course is built with our signature approach in mind. It consists of having you master the seven following principles:

Countdown to Kickoff
Never feel unprepared again! Cover all your bases with our complete preparation program.

Advanced Voice Techniques
Develop your voice into an effective tool with these cutting-edge techniques

Advanced Body Language Techniques
Perfect your body language and visual appearance to truly stand out!

Mastering Your Structure
Create a compelling structure you can apply to every presentation for maximum impact.

Preparing Under Pressure
Learn secrets from the World Debating Competition to prepare an engaging presentation no matter your deadline.

Isolate then Integrate®
Our trademarked approach isolates specific skills then integrates them to teach you how to present better.

Dealing with Challenges
Turn questions and challenges to your advantage with these lessons from the frontlines of politics.

It works

  • with Impact: not just Speaking, but also personally. I was already a proficient presenter, but under Gavin, I upped my performance from good to great.

    Looking back several years now, he still is the best trainer I ever had the pleasure to meet. If you want to nail that speech to rally your audience, raise their spirit and rise to deliver Their Finest Hour, there (add probably for decency sake if you must) is no-one better suited in all of Europe to not just stand your ground, but sweep your audience away with you.

    Stefan Denk
    Solution Architect, Swisscom

WOW your audience

Captivating your audience with your message, body language, and poise when challenged can really make you stand out from the crowd.

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