Impact Course

Become a Highly Skilled Presenter

Develop the skills that will have you glowing with confidence when presenting at work.

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Impact Course

Give Memorable Presentations

You need to present your projects and results at work. You’ve done it quite a few times in the past and will inevitably do it more in the future.

Yet, each time you present something at work, you don’t find it rewarding.

You either prep last minute or spend too much time trying to get it right without a clear method.

But it’s tough grabbing attention and keeping it when speaking. And not having a clear structure for your preparation doesn’t help. In fact, you can actually feel your audience’s attention drifting away as you speak.

Your message doesn’t even get across. You lack confidence in your delivery which has you speaking too fast. A pretty disappointing performance overall.

This should probably have been an email”, you whisper to yourself as you exit, looking at the faces you just slightly let down.

Overall, you know your presentation skills don’t align with the extensive knowledge you possess. How frustrating!

If it did, it would surely propel your projects and career to new heights.

Instead, imagine you enter a room full of people ready and eager to hear what you’re about to say.

You’re full of confidence. You’re ready to deliver a great presentation that will get your point across. You’re going to wow your audience.

Imagine not dreading any of the prep work for that presentation because you knew exactly what to do.

You knew how to create fantastic slides. You easily learned every part of your presentation. And you know how to engage and keep your audience interested throughout. This could be the reality if you follow the Impact Course.

Spanning over two days, the Impact Course gives you all the confidence you need for your business presentations. During the course, you’ll get practical exercises, direct feedback, speaking theory, group work, tips, and techniques to improve your speaking skills, and glow confidence.


Discover a bulletproof method to prepare an effective and appealing presentation each and every time.


Captivate your audience throughout your presentation.


Show up with the energy your delivery needs to leave a lasting impact.

Enhance your reputation

Building engagement into your presentation will guarantee inspiration and motivation for you and your team.

Having a larger group of skilled presenters in your organisation gives you more strength in depth and boosts your organisation’s image in your industry and beyond.

Impact Course

Our Approach

The Impact Course is built with our signature approach in mind. It consists of having you master the seven following principles:

Opening with Impact
Never be dull from the start again! Capture your audience in the first few minutes of your presentation with our battle-tested MO.

Preparing to Speak
Reach your full speaking potential with this game-changing system.

Closing with Purpose
End your presentation with a clear next step to drive results and leave your audience impressed.

Highlighting Key Messages
Ensure your audience understands and remembers your key points with our proven system.

Engaging your Audience
Know and observe your audience so you can keep them engaged throughout your presentation.

Isolate then Integrate®
Our trademarked approach isolates specific skills then integrates them to teach you how to present better.

Delivering with Style
Improve your body language and voice with these cutting-edge techniques.

It works

  • Working in IT, I’ve attended many varied training classes over the years but Gavin Brown’s Impact Course was the most inspirational, memorable, and transformational.

    Previously nervous about presenting to large audiences, Gavin gave me the confidence I was lacking and I now relish the chance to get up there and impress. To hear senior management come up to me and say “Great presentation!” is testament to Gavin’s skills as a trainer and played no small part in my career advancement.

    Gavin has a unique way of bringing out the best in people: I’ve seen it again and again in my peers and staff who have attended the Impact Course.

    Jer White
    Standards Team Lead, Unity

  • Gavin helped me immensely with his unique insights and transformational tips in delivering speeches and presentations.

    Specifically, his coaching and expertise on delivering webinars was invaluable. In my role as a Pharmaceutical Consultant, it is imperative that I speak with impact and clarity. Gavin helped me to transform my presentation skills and deliver more compelling  and higher impact presentations. I would highly recommend Gavin and his company speak with impact as experts in helping you deliver high quality and impactful presentations.

    Kia Balali-Mood, PhD
    Principal Global Pharmaceutical Consultant

Nail Every Presentation

Speaking with clarity, focus, and impact can really separate you and your team from the pack! Book a call to see how we can help you.

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