Presentation Coaching

Fast-Track Your Way to Presentation Mastery With Our 1-to-1 Presentation Coaching Programme.

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Presentation Coaching

Present like an inspirational leader

For a while, you have minimised presenting at work. But something changed. A new job. A promotion. A new project. New responsibilities. It is now impossible for you to dodge this any longer.

You need to get good at presenting. And you need to get good at it, fast!

That promotion you sought and received now means people expect impeccable presentation skills from you. The decision-makers, the C-level, and any other crucial stakeholder. They all want to be impressed.

But, how can you structure your presentation for maximum clarity? How to consistently prepare good slides? And how to wow your audience and keep them engaged throughout?

So many ways to get it wrong and not capitalise on your full potential!

With our 1-to-1 presentation coaching, you get the guidance and clarity you need to raise your game.

Get the confidence of a truly gifted presenter.

Personalised Assistance

Our 1-to-1 presentation coaching method ensures everything will be tailor-made to your wants and needs.

Easy fit in your diary

The shorter time blocks of our method mean it is easier for you to find time in your busy schedule.

Applicable lessons, now

Instantly learn how to prepare and deliver any presentation on the horizon in a highly effective way.

Business Impact

Senior leaders with great communication skills command the room. They leave nothing to chance and rely on their highly specialised training.

A great presenter will positively impact the organisation. Rally the troops. And massively enhance the organisation’s reputation to external stakeholders.

Presentation Coaching

Our Presentation Coaching Approach

To accelerate your growth as a presenter, we give you and your team 1-to-1 presentation coaching.

Our approach can be divided into three stages:

Step 1: we get an accurate synopsis of your current level, along with where you want to be and in what timescale.

Step 2: we create an individual programme to bridge the gap in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Step 3: we deliver the plan and apply the lessons directly to the specific presentations you face.

In most cases, our coaching sessions will take place every two weeks, for a period of 4 to 6 months.

What’s included in our presentation coaching

The precise areas we cover will vary slightly depending on your current level. In many cases though, we will work on the following:

Presentation Coaching

  • Preparing effectively, especially under time pressure
  • Producing slides and materials that stand out
  • Choosing the best content
  • Understanding your audience and tailoring your presentation for them
  • Keeping your audience engaged, from start to finish
  • Making the key messages land and stick
  • Creating the most appropriate structure
  • Mastering the strategic points in the presentation
  • Delivering with confidence and skill
  • Handling questions and challenging situations
  • Applying lessons to different types of presentation

It works

  • I first met Gavin in a Nestlé Program of Public Speaking. I was so impressed by his practical tips that I then asked my Manager to have Gavin as a personal coach for a while, as I was not accustomed to presenting to the Executive Board Members.

    Thanks to Gavin, I have learned how to rehearse and take the pain out of my presentation, how to focus on what I want to deliver, instead of myself, and how I could be perceived. I learnt how to better play with the slides and focus the attention on what really matters to my audience, without forgetting my final goal.

    My presentation was a success and I really owe this to Gavin.

    Thanks, you are amazing!

    Vittoria Gambirasi
    Marketing Executive Director, IMD Business School

  • After recently receiving one-to-one coaching from Gavin leading up to an important presentation, I cannot recommend him enough! His daily sessions kept me on-track and focussed and I can honestly say I have never felt more confident in the run up to the presentation. Even if you are a seasoned presenter, there will be something you can learn from Gavin, and definitely a lot about yourself.

    Julia Hatton
    NHS Digital

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