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About Us - Gavin Brown

About Us

Our story begins with a simple belief.

The more you speak, the better you become.

We know this first hand. Our company founder has a depth and breadth of speaking experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Beginning his professional life as a lawyer, Gavin learned the foundation of preparing effective presentations in the courtroom.

Then he prepared and delivered over 1,000 speeches as a frontline elected politician.

His expertise grew through live TV, radio, mass rallies, panels, keynotes, boardroom talks, public meetings, international competitive debating, chairing events, stand-up comedy and after-dinner speeches.

Gavin kept a copy of every single speech he ever made and invested thousands of hours analysing and re-analysing each one. What worked and didn’t work. Why did it work? Even if it worked, how could it be 1% better tomorrow.

Now, it’s your turn.

From all our high-level speaking experience, we created the most comprehensive system possible. Our ‘Isolate the Integrate’® system is devastatingly effective and will transform your presentation results quickly. The winning techniques and cutting-edge exercises in our system will sharpen your skills like never before.

These are the lessons we teach our clients.

We have delivered seminars across over 20 countries, at some of the biggest blue-chip companies and international organisations.

No matter your level of experience, our techniques will give you the skills and confidence to deliver exceptional presentations.

About Us - Gavin Brown

We are truly passionate about presenting

And that passion helps us transform professionals of all levels of public speaking into outstanding presenters. Our unparalleled breadth and depth of experience has made a significant impact on speakers around the world.

All our training sessions are interactive, enjoyable, intense and revolve around the direct practical exercise of specific skills. Attend our courses and you’ll learn…

  • How to prepare a speech comprehensively, even under pressure
  • How to deliver a talk with fluency and impact
  • How to engage an audience from start to finish
  • How to deal with any interruption and distraction

Tackle any future presentation
with certainty

Isolate Then Integrate®

Isolate Then Integrate

This is our special sauce. Our unique system combines battle-tested lessons from every possible area of presenting. We take a scientific approach to embed these vital lessons into your skill set.

We will focus on all the attributes you need to master to be a successful presenter. We isolate each attribute in turn and sharpen your skills in that area with a careful selection of cutting-edge exercises. In the final step, we integrate those skills together to transform your presenting capabilities.

Together, we’ll make sure you’re in a position to deliver your best presentation yet, and every single time after that.

Meet the directors

Gavin Brown

Gavin Brown

Gavin has been passionate about every aspect of public speaking and presenting for over 20 years. He spent 4 years as a litigator at a large commercial law firm, where he spoke in court on a regular basis.

He was elected to political office and spent 9 years as a Member of the Scottish Parliament, where he ended up as Shadow Finance Minister. He also convened the Economy Committee and was the co-founder of the Cross-Party Group on Skills.

Gavin has won numerous debating and mooting competitions, including the JCI World Debating Competition twice.

Gavin has delivered training for major companies in over twenty countries and has won several international training awards over the years. In addition, he has appeared several times at the Edinburgh Fringe delivering stand-up comedy.

Bill Brown

Bill Brown

Bill has worked at Board level in a major international Blue-chip organisation, a Director with a large engineering contractor and has consulted to a number of multinational undertakings. By training he was a professional Electrical Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution (FIET) and has authored numerous published papers.

He has devoted the past 20 years to training and developing organisations and individuals with particular emphasis in the presentation and delivery skills area. He has successfully coached thousands of professional staff over the years, many of whom now hold senior positions within their respective organisations.

Bill integrates these skills and experience into all his training courses and has achieved outstanding success. He has developed a specialist niche helping technical speakers communicate with non-technical audiences.

It works

  • The man is brilliant. A clear communicator who can help communicate complicated ideas in a clear simple fashion. Strong recommendation.

    Declan Hill
    Professor of Investigations, Author, Journalist, University of New Haven

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