Using Zoom Polls Correctly

In this article we will focus on one specific technique for engagement – The Poll – and how to do it right.

Using Zoom Polls Correctly

In this article we will focus on one specific technique for engagement – The Poll. More specifically we will examine using Zoom polls correctly.

Engaging your audience in a virtual presentation is easier than most people realise.

That is, once they know how to do it.

Until that point, the majority of online speakers really struggle.

At Speak With Impact we have helped many clients go from low response rates on polls to well over 90%.

Here is how we did it for one particular client.

He had the right idea by at least trying to engage his online audience using polls.

But he was making a number of errors, leading to a low response rate and lack of engagement.

In short, he was not using Zoom polls correctly.

We made 3 key changes to how he prepared for a poll.

(We made changes to how he implemented the polls but that is the subject for another day)

Firstly, think carefully about the type of question you ask.

Are you interested in the answer? If not, it will weaken your delivery.

Do you think they will  be interested in the answer? If yes, they are more likely to answer.

Make sure you select a question that is of interest to both you and them.

Too many poll questions simply feel like a tick box exercise.

Secondly, focus on the wording of the question.

Is it clear instantly? It needs to be.

Is it relatively short? This is preferable, so they understand the question as quickly as possible.

Test the wording out in advance on someone who has not seen the question before.

Thirdly, think about the number of answers you intend to offer them.

Make sure the answers cover all bases, so that every participant will find an answer they are happy to get behind.

That said, try to achieve the above in the lowest possible number of answers. For every extra answer you add, you increase marginally the average response time.

Get these three things right on using zoom polls correctly and you give yourself a great opportunity.

The actual results will then come down to how you implement the poll.


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