Testimonials and Awards.

We have a proven track record and our expertise in public speaking and training has earned a number of awards and glowing feedback from clients over the years.



  • “My presentation was a lot better than I thought and the warm-up definitely helped. Just received an e-mail to say I passed my promotion interview – thanks for all your help.”

    Senior Solicitor

  • “Just a quick email to let you know the workshop went very well this week and that I was pretty happy with my own presentation – thanks for your precious advice received at the Speak with Impact course.”

    Project Manager

  • “And thanks again for the course. I did my staff presentation last week, bearing in mind the eye contact, and got some compliments after, so all the credits to you!”

    Corporate Comms Manager

  • “I feel more confident about speaking in public after this course, and I feel less of a need to “tone down” my personality, so thank you so much for that!”

    Corporate Comms

  • “The course was great and I really enjoyed it. It was very helpful to get a lot of possibilities to actively present and to receive your immediate feedback. All the exercises, in combination with your background information and advice, will certainly help improving my presentations in future.

     Senior Operations Manager

  • “I enjoyed this. A compelling trainer, exhibiting the skills he was teaching. I’ve put it straight into practice, so thanks very much. Also, I’ve felt unusually supported by Gavin after the training. Top marks (and you know I don’t give out top marks every time)!”

    Bids Expert

  • “Gavin Brown was superb”


  • “In addition to the good methodology of the course, I liked in particular your coaching style: straight to the point, always with a smile, very positive, lots of stories and examples. Well done!”

     Senior Operations Manager

  • “Extremely useful – nothing was superfluous. Pace was excellent – fast moving and interesting.”

     Senior Solicitor

  • “Gavin is an excellent trainer, passing his passion and energy to the audience.”

     Brand Manager

  • “Surpassed them (expectations.) This was the best course I’ve ever been on and I’ve been on a lot during my career!”

     Fund Management Professional

  • “Fantastic trainer, very clear, very efficient, fully mastering the subject. Fantastic content and extraordinarily structured.”

     Marketing Manager


Our trainers individually and collectively have won a number of national and international awards including the following:

  • 2016

    AI Business Excellence Awards 2016 – Innovation in Public Speaking Courses UK

  • 2015

    AI Business Excellence Awards 2015 – Best for Public Speaking Courses UK

  • 2004

    Winner JCI Most Outstanding Trainer in the World

  • 2004

    Winner JCI Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe

  • 2002

    Winner of World Debating Competition

  • 1999

    Winner of World Debating Competition

  • 1999

    Winner of European Debating Competition