About Us.

Speak With Impact combines real depth of speaking expertise with technical training excellence and wide commercial experience.


What we do

We empower you to prepare and deliver great presentations using our cutting-edge approach.

Using our dynamic methods you can achieve a significantly improved performance when you present and reduce the time you need to spend preparing.

We are truly passionate about presenting and we offer this training to you in a range of formats, including group training and individual coaching – please see our Services section for more details.

Since 2002 we have worked with thousands of speakers across all organisational levels – ranging from CEOs, directors and senior executives to managers and new employees.

Why Use Speak With Impact

We believe there are three key reasons why you would choose to engage with Speak With Impact.

Firstly, we are genuine specialists in the field of presentations and speaking in public. Our depth and breadth of experience is world-leading. When it comes to presenting, our trainers have done it all for real – conference talks, keynote speeches, courtroom advocacy, high-pressure pitches, international competitive debating, public meetings and rallies, live television and radio grillings, chairing events, high profile Parliamentary debates and humorous after-dinner speeches to name a few.

Secondly, the technical excellence of our high quality training services. We work painstakingly and consistently to improve the substantive content of our product. For example, Gavin Brown explains below our most recent upgrade:

“As a Member of Parliament and Shadow Finance Minister I personally wrote and delivered over 1,000 speeches in a 9 year period. In recent months I have reviewed and analysed them all, carefully drawing out vital ‘public speaking lessons’ than can be harnessed.”

Thirdly, we have a diverse range of commercial experience that makes our training highly pragmatic and directly relevant. With our combined previous careers in law, engineering, financial services, main board level management and politics we are able to enhance the critical lessons that can be applied immediately in the workplace. In particular, we have an in-depth, strategic understanding of the Scottish and wider UK economy.

In short, we can help with the whole package when it comes to your presentation:

  • Compelling content
  • Crafted structure
  • Powerful delivery

Our Approach

The training is specialised, highly interactive and very practical.

Our courses have been designed by a double-winner of the World Debating Competition, so everything is battle-tested. Only the very best techniques and strategies make the cut into our seminars. The techniques you will learn are innovative, cutting-edge and make a quick but lasting impact. The aim is two-fold: be far better by the end of the course and have a range of tools to enable you to continue improving in the long-term.

Our award winning Isolate then Integrate® principle underpins each course. In broad terms, this means focussing specifically on one skill only for a period of time. All aspects of that skill would be covered and the practical exercises for the module would ‘isolate’ that skill. Only once that skill is complete is the next skill started. Once all the skills on a course are covered, they are integrated together. This approach improves confidence quickly and gets faster overall results.

Our Directors


Gavin Brown

Bill Brown