Group Presentation and Public Speaking Seminars.

Dynamic, cutting-edge, award-winning training for all levels of speaker.


Foundation Course

You may have hesitated to put yourself forward in the past or you may have had a negative experience. Learn how to build solid foundations in presenting and overcome your fears in the process. Speaking becomes considerably easier once you have mastered the building blocks in this one day course.

When you want help to:

  • Prepare effectively
  • Get the right Content
  • Structure it correctly
  • Develop a Style that works for you
  • Overcome stress

Preparation – imagine if there was a technique that could help you prepare effectively regardless of the circumstances. Some people spend way too long and some people do nowhere near enough. Our dynamic Speak With Impact preparation technique lets you hit the nail on the head every single time.

Content – a successful presentation needs great content. Use our tools to ensure you pitch the content just right for the occasion.

Structure – a sound framework to your presentation makes it easier to deliver and easier for an audience to follow. Getting the structure wrong will damage the talk for sure. Learn ways to get the appropriate structure in place right from the start.

Style – ultimately, you will be judged by the quality of your delivery. We will teach you how to focus on your unique strengths and how to work on your weaknesses.

Stress – learn ways to control stress instead of allowing it to control you.

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The Classic Course

Ok, so you are not afraid of presenting anymore but you find it a bit mundane and the audience feedback hovers around the mediocre level. Our classic course will help you rise several notches. After two intense days you will be hungry to put our techniques into practice and you will start to thrive as a speaker.

When you want help to:

  • Open with Impact
  • Have a successful Close
  • Deliver with sparkle
  • Key Messages that Stick
  • Win with the Audience

Open – your audience will make a judgement about you very quickly. When you prepare, how much extra attention do you pay to the early part of the talk? We will show how to get off to the right start.

Close – like the ending to a film, the close to a talk has an impact on the entire experience. Learn what to avoid and what you can do finish with a crescendo.

Delivery – the world is full of people with good material that is delivered poorly. Use your voice and body language to put your own stamp on it and bring the talk to life.

Key Messages – the most important points are often missed. Ensure the key points always hit home using our unique scientific approach.

Audience Winning – what can you do before the talk to pitch it right? What can you do during the talk to keep the audience on board? Our cutting-edge techniques provide clear and pragmatic answers to both questions.

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You are generally perceived to be a good speaker and you tend to enjoy it, at least some of the time. However, you have a colleague or a competitor who is simply superior and they are getting more plaudits than you. If only you had more gravitas, more poise and a bit of star quality. It is time for you to attend Impact Plus for two days and catapult yourself into the premier division.

When you want help to:

  • Advanced Body Language
  • Advanced Voice
  • Dealing with challenges, questions and difficult audiences
  • Large audiences
  • Secrets from the World Debating Competition

Advanced Body Language – move up the gears with advanced tips and techniques that help you to shine brightly

Advanced Voice – for many people their voice is neutral or a hindrance. We have tools that will turn your voice into a weapon.

Dealing with challenges, questions and difficult audiences – turn adversity into an advantage with a fresh mindset and a range of effective techniques

Large audiences – this can be challenging if you are not prepared. If you make adjustments in the right places you learn to maximise your performance in front of a bigger crowd.

Secrets from the World Debating Competition – debating is one of the most exhilarating and challenging forms of speaking. Apply some of the key lessons from debating to boost your overall speaking skills in short order.

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Bespoke Courses

Maybe you want to cover some parts of all the Speak With Impact courses?

Maybe you want a blend of two or more courses?

Maybe you don’t fit neatly into one of the categories described?

We regularly run bespoke courses designed specifically to fit your needs. These can run from a single hour to a full week. Please give us a call and we will tailor the exact course for your requirements.

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