Speak with Impact in a Webinar.

Learn the key strategies for succeeding in a webinar.


Webinars are a fact of modern day business life – they are here to stay. Whether it is a video conference, a teleconference, Skype or some other form of remote presentation, there is a strong chance you will be doing one again soon. The vast majority of remote presentations are sub-standard and most speakers have simply not adapted to the modern reality.

  • Why are these presentations so ineffective?
  • What are the glaring errors that are commonly made?
  • What techniques will help me stand out?
  • How can I maximise my remote presentations?

If you find yourself asking these questions then it is time for you to learn how to Speak With Impact in a Webinar. Some techniques from general presentations can be used seamlessly; some need to be adapted for remote presentations and some cannot be used at all – find out which ones fall into each category. Go into your next talk with confidence because you have
learned the key strategies for succeeding in a Remote Presentation.

Who should attend

Anyone who needs to deliver a presentation to an audience that is not physically present in the same room.

What participants will get from this course

  • Learn key techniques to improve impact for remote presentations
  • Understand how to prepare and deliver successfully in this modern environment
  • Speak several times on the course, getting direct and immediate feedback
    Speak WITH IMPACT ®

Programme Outline

Areas covered include: –

  • Being in control from the very beginning
  • Vital extra work to do in advance of the talk
  • The Top 10 tips every speaker must know before giving a Remote Presentation
  • Clear, relevant examples of what to do and what not to do
  • Keeping them engaged all the way through
  • The role of body language in a Remote Presentation
  • The role of voice in a Remote Presentation
  • Running a successful Q&A session

Programme Methodology

We undertake a pre-course survey with delegates to ensure all their needs are met. Then, everything in the course is aimed towards making rapid and sustainable progress, based on our award-winning ‘Isolate then Integrate ®’ principle.

The course has a range of theory, discussion, group exercises and practicals. There is constant feedback during the course and an action plan for going forward at the end.